Room Design Ideas

What is your favorite color?  I like strong, dark colors.  Colors that I know would be “too much” to paint the walls.  This is where accessories work perfectly to compliment more neutral tones.  When coming up with room designs, I consider what I want the room to feel like as well as the room size.  Especially, if the room is smaller, I like the the dominant theme to be lighter, neutral colors.  Tans, grays, and off-white are ideal for walls and large pieces of furniture.

To create the feel that I desire, I use art and accessories.  This is where bold colors come into play.  Frames, the art within them, decorative pillows…these are all useful in designing the flawless room.  Also, these pieces can be swapped out to bring about whatever mood I may want to express!  Sometimes the mood that I am looking for in my room design idea is more subtle, and relaxed.  Then I might be thinking in terms of lavender, sage green, baby blue…nice calm colors work perfectly as bedroom design ideas.

What is your Mood?  You might be an avid cyclist- always in the mood to be out “Cycling the Streets?”  Or maybe your or a loved one are a part of the “Digital Hive?”  Pillows make great handmade gift ideas.  Maybe you just like the way the “Ampersand” looks?  This great symbol looks great on just about any fabric.  “Fields of Flight” is a fun design- red “paper” airplane on top of wild flowers and sunshinnery.  For the horse lovers out there, “Giddy Up” or “Jungle Horse” might be just the right pillows for you.  Don’t worry, if you do not see a pillow to match your mood or room design idea.  Contact Emily to come up with the right colors and design for you or yours!