Personalized Pillows

So the Season is upon us…Black Friday is looming.  There will be gifts, whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, Xmas, or … maybe someone special’s birthday is coming up.  Rather than making a trek out to the mall, why not shop from the comfort of your own home?  Maybe while sitting on your own Stitch9 pillow.  Don’t worry- you will find such creative, original designs that your Loved Ones will know that they were in your heart and mind when you acquired their gifts.

What if you don’t see a handcrafted gift that calls out your friend or family member’s name?  That is when personalized pillows are the perfect gift.  “I don’t know how to sew,” you might say.  No worries, Emily does, and she would be happy to speak to you about just the right personalized pillow for you and your Loved One.  Let them know that you acknowledge their individuality with a Stitch9 decorative pillow.