These days, in our modern world, so much of what we encounter is prepackaged, mass produce, and made without care.  I don’t know about you, but I find it refreshing when something is made by someone’s hands with thought, intention, and feeling.  I enjoy products that showcase an artist’s hard-work and dedication to their craft.  I feel satisfaction when I know that there was care and intention given.  If I know the artisan personally there is always an added level of endearment towards his/her artwork, when I enjoy it my home or office setting.

I love to receive handmade gifts.  While fine-art crafts are extraordinary, even novice hands can create cherished adornments for the home.  I try to make my own presents for friends and family, although sometimes there just isn’t the time.  Everyone can use a break, to rest their head.  What better than a pillow for this purpose?  The “Vintage Lace” is a symmetrical design featuring a vintage lace collar on beautiful printed cloth.  The lace really stands out, unlike the “Yellow Buck” who tries to blend into the vines.  The contrasting stitches highlight the care and meticulous construction put into each one of these designer pillows!

Looking for something that can be worn so that every time someone says how great it is, they think of you?  Then check out the “Vintage Inspired Felt Necklaces.”  They are super cute and unique.  Just the thing to accentuate a lovely neck.  Other great handmade gifts are wedding ring pillows- with these timing is crucial.  Nothing like receiving the pillow after the wedding!  Whether the wedding is rustic or classic, they will add charm to someone’s special day!

There are so many occasion to show your love with a handmade gift.  Contact me and let’s start a discussion about your ideal upholstery.  If you have an idea for an original piece, please share it, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing ideas come to fruition.