Decorative Throw Pillows

There’s no better way to classify our primary product line here at than Decorative Throw Pillows.  When I imagine throwing things, I usually like to have more than one, but a throw pillow just means a small decorative pillow, so it can be singular.  In the case of Stitch9 each pillow is so original, but Emily often has pillow sets in her inventory, and you can certainly request a matching set for custom order.

Decorative throw pillows, can assist most bedroom design ideas, but you can also use them outside of the bedroom.  Even in the car, a special handmade pillow, can help you cheer you up when you are stuck in traffic, and they’re great for long days spent at the computer.  Stitch9 pillows offer firm support for the lazy lumbar, and help you maintain posture throughout the day.