Apartment Design Ideas

Handmade pillows are the perfect complement for apartment design ideas.  You may have an accent working in your theme, and a pair of matching pillows can be custom tailored to meet your requirements for color.

Emily’s custom fabricated pillows are created with extreme attention to detail, and you will be pleased with the choice of materials, as well as, the overall quality.  Each artwork features a crafted applique silhouette, added to bring joy, and a clever appeal to your apartment furnishings and your apartment design ideas.

If your apartment design ideas have a conceptual theme, or a color concise theme, you may not want to hunt for options.  Save yourself the aggravation of searching for matching products at the retailer, and let Emily create an original pillow (or pair), that gels with your apartment design idea.

Why just enhance your color design choices, when you can take it the next level.  Bring a spark of creativity to your living space, or bedroom with a clever combination of fabric and icon.  Each pillow features a felt silhouette that can spice up your atmosphere, and make you guests smile with delight.  Referring them to Stitch9.com couldn’t hurt, we may have something in stock to perfectly suit their taste.

If you are still in the beginning phases of your apartment design, why not check out the free online tool from Autodesk at homestyler?  Don’t be intimidated by the software, the homestyler from Autodesk isn’t nearly robust as their CAD drafting software.  You will have an extremely realistic impression of your soon-to-be living space in no time flat.  Need some extra help with the tools?  Emily is an expert at CAD software, and can quickly achieve your vision.  Measure twice and cut once, a digital design tool can save you thousands of dollars, if you decide to change your mind.