Decorative Throw Pillows

There’s no better way to classify our primary product line here at than Decorative Throw Pillows.  When I imagine throwing things, I usually like to have more than one, but a throw pillow just means a small decorative pillow, so it can be singular.  In the case of Stitch9 each pillow is so original, but Emily often has pillow sets in her inventory, and you can certainly request a matching set for custom order.

Decorative throw pillows, can assist most bedroom design ideas, but you can also use them outside of the bedroom.  Even in the car, a special handmade pillow, can help you cheer you up when you are stuck in traffic, and they’re great for long days spent at the computer.  Stitch9 pillows offer firm support for the lazy lumbar, and help you maintain posture throughout the day.

Personalized Pillows

So the Season is upon us…Black Friday is looming.  There will be gifts, whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, Xmas, or … maybe someone special’s birthday is coming up.  Rather than making a trek out to the mall, why not shop from the comfort of your own home?  Maybe while sitting on your own Stitch9 pillow.  Don’t worry- you will find such creative, original designs that your Loved Ones will know that they were in your heart and mind when you acquired their gifts.

What if you don’t see a handcrafted gift that calls out your friend or family member’s name?  That is when personalized pillows are the perfect gift.  “I don’t know how to sew,” you might say.  No worries, Emily does, and she would be happy to speak to you about just the right personalized pillow for you and […continued]

Handmade Crafts

What is better than handmade artistic upholstery?  Handmade Crafts, of course!  Maybe you don’t want to put holes in your wall, but want to look upon something creative and unique?  This is where handmade crafts are the perfect compliment to your living space!  Or what better house/apartment warming gift?  Handmade crafts, create a space in your home that draws people into conversations, and creates a sense of well being.

Decorative pillows are functional art.  Not only do they look nice, but give us added comfort.  Rest your head, support your back, prop up your book or sketchpad, sit on while meditating, pillow fighting, or to squeeze tight when watching a scary or sad movie…We do so much in a day- it sure is nice to have somewhere to rest our weary heads!  The uses are limitless.  Regardless of what you choose […continued]


These days, in our modern world, so much of what we encounter is prepackaged, mass produce, and made without care.  I don’t know about you, but I find it refreshing when something is made by someone’s hands with thought, intention, and feeling.  I enjoy products that showcase an artist’s hard-work and dedication to their craft.  I feel satisfaction when I know that there was care and intention given.  If I know the artisan personally there is always an added level of endearment towards his/her artwork, when I enjoy it my home or office setting.

I love to receive handmade gifts.  While fine-art crafts are extraordinary, even novice hands can create cherished adornments for the home.  I try to make my own presents for friends and family, although sometimes there just isn’t the time.  Everyone can use a break, to rest their […continued]

Room Design Ideas

What is your favorite color?  I like strong, dark colors.  Colors that I know would be “too much” to paint the walls.  This is where accessories work perfectly to compliment more neutral tones.  When coming up with room designs, I consider what I want the room to feel like as well as the room size.  Especially, if the room is smaller, I like the the dominant theme to be lighter, neutral colors.  Tans, grays, and off-white are ideal for walls and large pieces of furniture.

To create the feel that I desire, I use art and accessories.  This is where bold colors come into play.  Frames, the art within them, decorative pillows…these are all useful in designing the flawless room.  Also, these pieces can be swapped out to bring about whatever mood I may want to express!  Sometimes the mood that […continued]