Handmade Gifts

Are you looking for handmade gifts? Perhaps an original artwork that is precious to give, affordable yet valuable, and one-of-a-kind? You may wish to consider one of these finely crafted, and cleverly illustrated designer pillows from seamstress, interior designer Emily Newdow. All of Emily’s designs are handmade gifts ready to order. Using some cleverly allocated textures, and symbolic applique Emily achieves a vintage aesthetic great for any occasion.

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Hunting down bedroom interior design ideas?  While Stitch9 pillows are appropriate for everything from your couch to your car, the heart of the pillow palace is in the bedroom.  Since you arguably spend more time in bed, than even the kitchen, you may wonder what the possibilities are, as far as enhancing what you’ve already got going.

Enhancement is a great option when looking for bedroom interior design ideas.  A custom pillow, or pillow set can be crafted to accentuate your bedroom design, and you don’t have to re-paint the woodwork, so save yourself the hassle and just accessorize.

If you haven’t started your bedroom yet, then you will probably be considering all the different options available to choose from.  Of course, options are nice, but price is always an issue.  If you can’t afford that Cezanne masterpiece you’ve been eye-balling at […continued]

Bedroom Design

Bedroom design is where we can express ourselves fully.  What are you into?  What are the colors that make you feel like you?  This is your space- fill it in your way!

No matter, what your color scheme is there is a pillow to match!  Do you like cool tones with artistic snowflake designs?  Or are warm tones more your thing?  We have that too!

Take a look and see which designs speak to you. 🙂



Living Room Interior Design

Relaxing, socializing, reading, watching tv, e-mailing…what don’t we do in our living rooms?  This is the room that we share with our friends, families, and neighbors, so we aim to make an impression with our living room interior design choices!  Bright colors will get their attention!  However, it is probably best for the *couch* and chairs to be neutral.  These pieces of furniture can be tame while our accessories are the bold ones!  Although if you are feeling that wild red, leopard print, neon green, orange, pink couch or chair- go for it!  Just don’t expect your mother to dig it!

We can use mirrors, lamps, and ceiling lights to direct our guests attention and create flow.  A great way to express our appreciation for the creative and artistic is through our choice of rugs, curtains, artwork, picture frames, and most importantly decorative pillows!  We can swap these out when we feel like experiencing a new living room.  Why not have a variety to choose from depending on the mood that we are trying to create?

Bedroom Design Ideas

After a long day, many of us look forward to retreating into the sanctuary of our bedrooms.  This is where we can relax and unwind.  It is time to curl up with a book, our phone, or laptop.  This is where we go to be “far from the maddening crowd.”  So when we are looking at bedroom design ideas, we want to make sure to use comforting colors, create flow and ease.

I love walking into my bedroom to see my favorite comforter and pillows.  For proper flow, it is recommended that we do not have our beds in line with the door or under a window.  We also want to be able to jump into bed from either side.  And of course, we need comfortable, cozy decorative pillows that welcome us into our space.  Placed on the bed, not the […continued]

Apartment Design Ideas

Handmade pillows are the perfect complement for apartment design ideas.  You may have an accent working in your theme, and a pair of matching pillows can be custom tailored to meet your requirements for color.

Emily’s custom fabricated pillows are created with extreme attention to detail, and you will be pleased with the choice of materials, as well as, the overall quality.  Each artwork features a crafted applique silhouette, added to bring joy, and a clever appeal to your apartment furnishings and your apartment design ideas.

If your apartment design ideas have a conceptual theme, or a color concise theme, you may not want to hunt for options.  Save yourself the aggravation of searching for matching products at the retailer, and let Emily create an original pillow (or pair), that gels with your apartment design idea.

Festivals and Community Events

Throwing an event?  Stitch9 does festivals and community events!

Stitch9 pillows have exquisite attention to detail, and an incredible machine like finish, while still being handmade!  To accompany that, expect a well maintained, complex milieu of rhetoric to satisfy your appetite for reading material.

Anyway folks, this is the best place to see Emily’s creations online, but if you want to catch her in real life, you can spot her at festivals and community events!