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These days, in our modern world, so much of what we encounter is prepackaged, mass produce, and made without care.  I don't know about you, but I find it refreshing when something is made by someone's hands with thought, intention, and feeling.  I enjoy products that showcase an artist's hard-work and dedication to their craft.  I feel satisfaction when I know that there was care and intention given.  If I know the artisan personally there is always an added level of endearment towards his/her artwork, when I enjoy it my home or office setting. I love to receive handmade gifts.  While fine-art crafts are extraordinary, even novice hands can create cherished adornments for the home.  I try to make my own presents for friends and family, although sometimes there just isn't the time.  Everyone can use a break, to rest their head.  What better than a pillow for this purpose?  The "Vintage Lace" is a symmetrical design featuring a vintage lace collar on beautiful printed cloth.  The lace really stands out, unlike the "Yellow Buck" who tries to blend into the vines.  The contrasting stitches highlight the care and meticulous construction put into each one of these designer pillows! Looking for something that can be worn so that every time someone says how great it is, they think of you?  Then check out the "Vintage Inspired Felt Necklaces."  They are super cute and unique.  Just the thing to accentuate a lovely neck.  Other great handmade gifts are wedding ring pillows- with these timing is crucial.  Nothing like receiving the pillow after the wedding!  Whether the wedding is rustic or classic, they will add charm to someone's special day! There are so many occasion to show your love with a handmade gift.  Contact me and let's start a discussion about your ideal upholstery.  If you have an idea for an original piece, please share it, there's nothing more rewarding than seeing ideas come to fruition.


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What is your favorite color?  I like strong, dark colors.  Colors that I know would be "too much" to paint the walls.  This is where accessories work perfectly to compliment more neutral tones.  When coming up with room designs, I consider what I want the room to feel like as well as the room size.  Especially, if the room is smaller, I like the the dominant theme to be lighter, neutral colors.  Tans, grays, and off-white are ideal for walls and large pieces of furniture. To create the feel that I desire, I use art and accessories.  This is where bold colors come into play.  Frames, the art within them, decorative pillows...these are all useful in designing the flawless room.  Also, these pieces can be swapped out to bring about whatever mood I may want to express!  Sometimes the mood that I am looking for in my room design idea is more subtle, and relaxed.  Then I might be thinking in terms of lavender, sage green, baby blue...nice calm colors work perfectly as bedroom design ideas. What is your Mood?  You might be an avid cyclist- always in the mood to be out "Cycling the Streets?"  Or maybe your or a loved one are a part of the "Digital Hive?"  Pillows make great handmade gift ideas.  Maybe you just like the way the "Ampersand" looks?  This great symbol looks great on just about any fabric.  "Fields of Flight" is a fun design- red "paper" airplane on top of wild flowers and sunshinnery.  For the horse lovers out there, "Giddy Up" or "Jungle Horse" might be just the right pillows for you.  Don't worry, if you do not see a pillow to match your mood or room design idea.  Contact Emily to come up with the right colors and design for you or yours!

Room Design Ideas

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Are you looking for handmade gifts? Perhaps an original artwork that is precious to give, affordable yet valuable, and one-of-a-kind? You may wish to consider one of these finely crafted, and cleverly illustrated designer pillows from seamstress, interior designer Emily Newdow. All of Emily's designs are handmade gifts ready to order. Using some cleverly allocated textures, and symbolic applique Emily achieves a vintage aesthetic great for any occasion. Please feel free to browse through the site at your convenience. Each pillow is accompanied by an article that will be the gentle hand assisting you through your design decisions. Many of our pillows are already sold, so we apologize if the pillow has been sold, we will do our best to accommodate you. Since a gift may need to reflect something about the recipient, please contact Emily, and let her know a little more information. That is a great way to get a huge reaction from your recipient.  A small clue, can really transform an ordinary gift into a personalized experience. Why are handmade gifts a clear choice over something purchase from a major retailer, or worse yet, a charged-up gift card available at the check-out line?  The answer is quite simply the time invested in thinking about the recipient of your handmade gift.  Seriously, how much time is required to give someone a gift card?  You mind as well give them some money, or are you worried where they will spend it?  Oh, here's a novel idea, why not give them something from the heart?  You know how they say it's the thought that counts?  How much thinking is involved in a gift card?  Listen, I'm sorry for all the questions, but the point is to get you thinking what really makes a gift special.  If you come to a similar conclusion, you will realize that a handmade gift is a superior form of gift giving. With a pillow or other handmade gift from Stitch9, you can achieve 2.5 times the gift giving power, with the same effort.  Okay, so maybe it's like 4 times the power, because I haven't seen anyone disappointed yet!

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Handmade pillows are the perfect complement for apartment design ideas.  You may have an accent working in your theme, and a pair of matching pillows can be custom tailored to meet your requirements for color. Emily's custom fabricated pillows are created with extreme attention to detail, and you will be pleased with the choice of materials, as well as, the overall quality.  Each artwork features a crafted applique silhouette, added to bring joy, and a clever appeal to your apartment furnishings and your apartment design ideas. If your apartment design ideas have a conceptual theme, or a color concise theme, you may not want to hunt for options.  Save yourself the aggravation of searching for matching products at the retailer, and let Emily create an original pillow (or pair), that gels with your apartment design idea. Why just enhance your color design choices, when you can take it the next level.  Bring a spark of creativity to your living space, or bedroom with a clever combination of fabric and icon.  Each pillow features a felt silhouette that can spice up your atmosphere, and make you guests smile with delight.  Referring them to couldn't hurt, we may have something in stock to perfectly suit their taste. If you are still in the beginning phases of your apartment design, why not check out the free online tool from Autodesk at homestyler?  Don't be intimidated by the software, the homestyler from Autodesk isn't nearly robust as their CAD drafting software.  You will have an extremely realistic impression of your soon-to-be living space in no time flat.  Need some extra help with the tools?  Emily is an expert at CAD software, and can quickly achieve your vision.  Measure twice and cut once, a digital design tool can save you thousands of dollars, if you decide to change your mind.

Apartment Design Ideas

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